Founded with
a mission

Protect & make a difference

About Us

We started out from humble beginnings...

When a family member was quarantined after flying, the reality of the coronavirus pandemic quite literally hit home. After the scare, and hearing about close friends losing loved ones we decided to look for ways to keep safe.

While navigating the Coronavirus pandemic and searching for ways to keep our family safe and protected, we found that UV-C light not only kills bacteria and viruses, it is far more superior than general sanitiser wipes or disinfectants.

Disappointed with the low quality and fake LED beads on the market, we decided to contact a manufacturer directly and Ultra Defend was brought to life.

Seeing the effect that Coronavirus has had on the world, from the elderly, to families, communities and the sacrifices & bravery of our Healthcare Services, we decided to do our part and donate 10% of our profits to Charitable organisations which include the NHS and Red Cross.

We thank you all for helping the world keep safe during these times and supporting the charities we donate to.

Take care and stay safe.