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Portable UV Light: UV Light Sanitiser

The Coronavirus pandemic has left us all searching for additional measures to help keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. With many of us spending a lot more time than usual at home, it is wise to use a UV light sanitiser to kill any germs from anything you bring inside your home.

Sterilisation UV lights have been clinically tested and proven to kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. The UV light disrupts the way the bacteria or virus survive and leaves them harmless to humans. Commonly UV light sanitiser is used in high doses for covering wide areas such as medical practices and on public transport, but portable UV lights are ideal for everyday home use.

Using a UV sanitising wand takes all of the hassle out of cleaning and can clean large and small objects in seconds. A portable UV light is handy for carrying around with you, great for the steering wheel and work stations as well as your keys and phone. Everyday items are often left untouched, with people not always thinking about the amount of germs they are exposed to.

Why Choose a UV Light Sanitiser?

Now more than ever we should be taking that extra bit of care to ensure we are keeping our surfaces free of any bacteria and viruses with a UV sanitising wand. A sterilisation UV light is perfect for quickly killing any nasty germs on everyday items we wouldn’t usually think to, such as mobile phones, eye wear and clothing. Our sterilisation UV lights are a great pocket sized piece of equipment, with added benefits in comparison to other sterilisation methods:

  • Rechargeable so no need to worry about replacing batteries.
  • Portable designs making the UV sanitising wand ideal for on the go.
  • Deodorises items and keeps food fresher for longer.
  • Easy to use model which kills bacteria within seconds.
  • Reaches tricky areas that could be missed, such as children’s toys and food packaging.

We can assure you that our portable UV lights are safe to use, with no risk of damage to your household surfaces and no odours produced. The UV sanitising wand has a simple unlock safety switch and double click power button, as well as a gravity sensor which turns off when faced upwards.


Keep safe & protected with our ultra portable, easy to use sterilizers.

Clinically Proven

Try out a Sterilisation UV Light for Yourself

The Ultra Defend Ultralight and Ultralight Mini came about when we realised how many low quality UV light sanitisers were available on the market. We invested time into finding ways to keep ourselves safe, we wanted to create a superior product to disinfectants and sanitiser wipes which can be time consuming to use.

If you have any queries about our portable UV lights or would like to speak to one of the Ultra Defend team, feel free to contact us. We are always on hand to help and look forward to hearing from you. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your portable UV light, we are happy to offer a refund within 14 days of you receiving your item.

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